The deliverables, allocated to the four Subtasks will be:

Subtask A: State-of-the-art and operating environments in different regions

A.1. Report on most dominant solar water heating systems and state-of-the-art reviews for thermosyphon and PV2Heat technologies, analysis of market regions and potential for solar water heating.
A.2. Documentation of success stories and market barriers in relevant regions.
A.3. Report on emerging products and research trends for SHW.

Subtask B: Thermosyphon systems

B.1. Report of thermosyphon system potential
B.2. Survey of failure modes and effects and suggestions
B.3. Report on durability and reliability improving research and technical results
B.4. Report on energy-saving & GHG reduction methods along with current trends

Subtask C: PV self-consumption systems, including smart controls

C.1. Expert Network, Expert Questionnaire / Interviews and Case Studies
C.2. Systematic International Literature Review + Market Review
C.3a. Technology / Policy Brief
C.3b. New ISO Solar Energy Vocabulary
C.3c. Reference Models + Solar Heat Worldwide Chapter
C.4. Solar PV Hot Water Technology Harmonisation Strategy
C.5. Implementation of Solar PV Hot Water Technology Harmonisation Strategy

Subtask D: Training and standards

D.1. Report on needs for new Standards or Standards updates and the status of selected warranty and certification networks
D.2. Facilitate Training
D.3. Needs Assessment Report (Training for Solar Energy Practitioners)
D.4. Report on success stories